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Yoshimura Exhaust Models

Yoshimura is one of the most popular and respected brand in the motorcycle exhaust industry, and they offer a variety of exhaust systems for different motorcycle models. Below is a quick list of their most popular models:

Yoshimura RS2: the Yoshimura RS2 exhaust is a popular model designed for off-road and motocross applications. Read more about the Rs-2 on our Yoshimura Rs-2 page here.

Yoshimura R77: Known for its performance and distinctive design, and available for a wide range of sportbikes. You can get a more detailed overview of the R77 on our Yoshimura R-77 review.

Yoshimura RS4: Designed for off-road and motocross applications. Offers a balance of power and torque. Here’s more about the Yoshimura RS4.

Yoshimura RS5: Perfect exhaust for undertail exhaust bikes. Developed to maximize performance and minimize weight, making it one of the most aggressive and light-weight mufflers on the market. Check out our RS5 review here.

Yoshimura Alpha T Street Series: Designed for sportbike and street bike applications. Features a tapered conical sleeve and carbon fiber end cap.

Yoshimura TRC: Offers a Tri-Oval design with a cone-shaped end cap. Available for various sportbike models.

Yoshimura Signature Series: Available in collaboration with specific motorcycle manufacturers for model-specific exhaust systems.

Below is a gallery with an image of each of models mentioned above. Click on the image to get information about whether the model will fit your bike.

Yoshimura regularly updates its product lineup, and new models are introduced all the time. The popularity of specific Yoshimura exhaust models varies in relation to the popularity of the motorcycles they customize. To get the most up-to-date information on popular Yoshimura exhaust models, check the Yoshimura site.