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Yoshimura Rs4 Exhaust

yoshimura rs4 comp series
Yoshimura Rs4 Comp series

The Yoshimura RS4 is a popular performance exhaust model designed for various off-road and motocross applications. It’s one of Yoshimura’s top-selling exhaust models and loaded with features that bikers love.

There are two lines of Rs4 – the standard model (image below) and the the Comp series (pictured above). The Comp series was developed in conjunction with AMA Pro Supercross / Motocross teams specifically for competiton, and includes additional features unique to the series. The RS-4 Comp brings all the great features of the standard Rs4, but with a unique turned-out end-cap that directs exhaust heat and gases away from the bike.

yoshimura RS4 slip on exhaust
Yoshimura RS-4 Standard Slip-on

Here’s a short list of the best features of the Yoshimura RS-4 exhaust:

Yoshimura Rs4 materials and construction

  • Header: the RS4 header is made from high-grade stainless steel tapered header and mid-pipe, and a Carbon fiber end-cap.
  • Lightweight design to enhance overall performance without compromising durability.

Yoshimura Rs4 performance enhancement

  • The Yoshi Rs4 is Engineered for improved exhaust flow and enhanced power delivery.
  • Designed to provide increased power and torque across the RPM range.

RS4 muffler tuning on fleek

  • Features a tuned muffler with a specific internal design for optimal performance.
  • Yoshimura is known for precision tuning to achieve the best possible power gains for specific motorcycle models.

modular end-cap design

  • RS-4 exhaust models have a modular end-cap design, making it extremely easy for riders to customize the look of their exhaust system.
  • Different end-cap options are available for various aesthetic and functional purposes.

RS-4’s removable spark arrestor

  • The Rs4 includes a removable spark arrestor to make the exhaust suitable for off-road riding where spark arrestor requirements are in place.

Noise reduction

  • Designed to comply with sound regulations while maintaining a sporty and aggressive exhaust note.
  • Yoshimura pays attention to noise levels to ensure compliance with various off-road riding restrictions.

Easy Installation

  • The Yoshi Rs-4 is designed for easy installation, with step-by-step directions and all the necessary hardware included for an sweat-free install. The ease of the RS4 slip-on allows riders to upgrade their exhaust system without extensive modifications.

RS4 aesthetics

  • The RS-4 exhaust features a sleek and modern design that complements the overall appearance of your bike.
  • Yoshimura is well-known for the attention they pay to both performance and aesthetics in their exhaust designs.

Yoshi Rs4 compatibility

  • The Yoshimura RS-4 is available for most bike makes and models, with specific configurations tailored to different applications.

Remember! Always triple-check to make sure you’re buying the RS-4 exhaust designed specifically to fit for your bike’s make and model. Click here to enter your bike info to ensure right fit. And if in doubt, check the Yoshimura site here.

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