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Yoshimura RS5 Exhaust

The Yoshimura RS-5 exhaust is known for its performance-oriented design and features. An excellent choice for any undertail exhaust bike. Developed in cooperation with the Yoshimura Road Racing Team to maximize performance and minimize weight, making it one of the most aggressive and light-weight mufflers on the market. The RS5 exhaust rocks a trapezoid design with high-flow straight baffle and an aggressive carbon fiber endcap. The RS-5 line comes in two models – standard and comp, with the comp being pricier but also performier.

yoshimura rs5 exhaust
Yoshimura RS5 standard

Yoshimura RS5 Materials and Construction

  • Made from high-quality stainless steel.
  • Yoshimura’s typical lightweight materials optimize performance.

Performance Enhancement

  • Engineered to enhance exhaust flow and improve overall engine performance.
  • Designed to deliver increased power and torque across the RPM range.

The Yoshi RS5 muffler is tuned to perfection

  • Features a tuned muffler with internal components designed for optimal performance.
  • Yoshimura is known for precision tuning to achieve the best power gains for specific motorcycle models.

Yoshimura RS-5 rocks the aesthetics

  • The RS-5 exhaust features a stylish and aggressive design that complements the appearance of the motorcycle.
  • Yoshimura pays attention to both performance and aesthetics in their exhaust designs.

Yoshi modular end-cap design

  • RS-5 exhaust models have a modular end-cap design, allowing riders to customize the look of their exhaust system.
  • Different end-cap options may be available for aesthetic and functional purposes.

Removable baffle/noise insert

  • The RS-5 exhaust may feature a removable baffle or noise insert.
  • This allows riders to adjust the exhaust note and may be useful for compliance with sound regulations.

A variety of sweet ride applications

  • Available for various motorcycle makes and models, covering a range of applications from sportbikes to off-road bikes.

Yoshimura’s brand rep

  • Yoshimura is a well-respected brand in the motorcycle exhaust industry, known for producing high-performance and quality products.

Remember! Always triple-check to make sure you’re buying the RS-5 exhaust designed specifically to fit for your bike’s make and model. Click here to enter your bike info to ensure right fit. And if in doubt, check the Yoshimura site here.

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