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Yoshimura Slip-On Exhaust

The Yoshimura slip-on exhaust is a slick-looking and trusted performer when it comes to aftermarket exhaust upgrades. Riders looking for a performance boost, or slick aesthetics, or just looking for that particular pipe note recognize Yoshimura as a trusted brand. With 70 years of experience making high-performance pipes, Yoshimura exhausts are known worldwide for their performance, durability, reliability, and not-ridiculous cost.

A popular upgrade that has gained significant aftermarket traction for it’s installation ease is the Yoshimura Slip-On Exhaust. This article digs into Yoshimura slip-on exhausts like a racing slick on blacktop: we cover the pleasures and the pains, the looks, sounds, smells, and costs, the installation ease and maintenance tips that define the Yoshi slip-on exhaust, and make it so appealling to so many riders.

yoshimura slip-on exhaust
Full Metal Bling

Yoshimura Slip-On Exhaust vs a Full Exhaust System

A Yoshimura slip-on exhaust is designed to replace only the muffler portion of the stock exhaust system. This type of exhaust is characterized by its easy and straightforward installation, making it a popular choice for riders who seek a quick and hassle-free upgrade. Slip-on exhausts typically come with a connector that allows them to be easily attached to the existing header pipes without the need for major modifications. They are an excellent choice for those who want to enhance the sound and aesthetics of their motorcycle without a full-scale exhaust system overhaul. The performance gains with slip-on exhausts are often moderate compared to full systems.

On the other hand, a Yoshimura bolt-on exhaust involves a more comprehensive replacement of the entire stock system. This includes not only the muffler but also the header pipes. Bolt-on exhausts are generally considered more involved in terms of installation, requiring the removal of the stock exhaust system and sometimes necessitating adjustments to the motorcycle’s fuel management system. The added complexity is offset by potentially larger performance gains, as a complete exhaust system replacement allows for better airflow and optimization of the entire exhaust pathway.

Performance Improvements of a Yoshimura Slip-On Exhaust

The installation of a Yoshimura slip-on exhaust system provides notable performance benefits for motorcycle enthusiasts. One key advantage is the improvement in exhaust gas flow. The slip-on design, which replaces the stock muffler while retaining the original header pipes, allows for better scavenging of exhaust gases. This enhanced flow minimizes backpressure, promoting increased horsepower and torque.

On top of the superior exhaust flow, Yoshimura slip-on exhausts are engineered with high-quality lightweight materials – typically an aluminum alloy or carbon fiber. The reduced weight makes a small improvement to the power-to-weight ratio which translates into quicker acceleration and improved throttle response.

Enhanced Sounds of a Yoshimura Slip-On

Apart from performance, half of the fun of a Yoshi exhaust is the sounds they make. Yoshimura pipes exhaust is crafted to sound amazing, and acoustically engineering for a deep and throaty exhaust note. The trapezoidal shape High-quality materials and precision craftsmanship combine to strike a rich, resonant tone that sounds like the purr of a moderately hungry tiger. The slip-on exhausts produce a refined and aggressive sound during acceleration, creating a distinctive and attention-grabbing presence on the road. Additionally, the engineered design minimizes unwanted noise and harshness, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable sound profile across various RPM ranges. You can expect a harmonious blend of performance and acoustics, as the Yoshimura slip-on exhaust not only improves the bike’s power but also delivers a captivating and satisfying soundtrack that adds an extra layer of excitement to the riding experience.

The materials in a Yoshimura Slip-On exhaust influence the resonance, tone, and overall acoustics of the exhaust note. Yoshi exhausts are crafted with stainless steel, titanium, or carbon fiber. Each material has unique acoustic properties that contribute to the final sound profile.

Stainless steel is known for durability and a balanced sound, while titanium is lightweight and can produce a distinct, metallic tone. Carbon fiber, on the other hand, is prized for its strength and lightweight characteristics and can contribute to a unique, deep tone. The combination of these materials, along with Yoshimura’s precision engineering, is intended to create an exhaust system that not only enhances the motorcycle’s performance but also delivers a pleasing and distinctive sound experience for riders.

Yoshi Slip-On Exhausts Are Exhaustively Stylish

The Yoshimura slip-on exhaust elevates the bike’s visual allure with a stunning and avant-garde design, embodying a harmonious fusion of futuristic aesthetics and high-performance engineering. Its aerodynamic contours, accentuated by a lustrous and mirror-like polished finish, create an eye-catching spectacle that effortlessly blends with the motorcycle’s rear, delivering an instant upgrade in elegance. Crafted from premium materials like gleaming stainless steel or the featherweight allure of titanium, the exhaust not only promises durability but exudes an opulent charm.

The precisely sculpted lines contribute to an overall sense of dynamism, while Yoshimura’s emblem, discreetly etched onto the surface, adds a touch of branded sophistication. This slip-on exhaust is not just a functional upgrade; it’s a visual symphony, transforming the bike into a work of art with its futuristic design, impeccable detailing, and a radiant finish that demands attention.

Compatibility with Different Motorcycle Models

Yoshimura understands the diverse landscape of motorcycles. Their slip-on exhausts are designed to be compatible with a wide range of motorcycle models, ensuring that riders can enjoy the benefits regardless of their bike’s make or model.

Yoshimura slip-on exhausts, with their dazzling array of compatibility options, seamlessly marry performance with versatility, offering a symphony of choices for motorcycle enthusiasts. Bursting onto the scene with an extensive lineup, these exhausts cater to an eclectic range of models, unleashing a whirlwind of possibilities for riders hungry for an upgrade. Whether you’re astride a sportbike, a cruiser, or a nimble street machine, Yoshimura’s compatibility spans an impressive spectrum, injecting a dose of high-performance magic into various makes and models.

The exhausts’ adaptability is a testament to Yoshimura’s commitment to meeting the diverse needs of the riding community, creating a cacophony of options that ensures every rider finds their sonic and aesthetic match. It’s a whirlwind of choices, a maze of possibilities, where your motorcycle’s roar meets the symphonic brilliance of Yoshimura’s engineering, setting the stage for an exhilarating and personalized riding experience.

Installation Tips for Yoshimura Slip-On Exhaust

Installing Yoshimura Slip-ons is about as easy as aftermarket upgrades get. Typically, all you’ll need is a hex wrench and a couple of driver sizes for two bolts. Before you do anything of course, stick to Yoshimura’s installation instructions or your particular exhaust and bike. This ensures that you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for a proper and safe installation. But the steps below give you the gist so you know what you’re getting yourself into. Here’s a good video of an R77 installtion.

Step 1: Locate the OEM exhaust mounting bolts and remove

Step 2: Remove Stock Exhaust
Pull off the old muffler. Optional: for giggles and/or to give the neighbors a thrill, start ‘your bike up and give it a couple of good unmuffled roars. Remind yourself that speed = volume.

Step 3: Slip it on
Unbox your brand-spankin’ new Yoshimura and slide it into position, aligning it with the mounting points on your motorcycle.

Step 4: Secure with Yoshi bolts provided and tighten

Step 5: You’re done
Step back and bask in the beauty of your handiwork.

Step 6: Take it for a spin.

Comparison with Other Exhaust Systems

In the realm of slip-on motorcycle exhausts, Yoshimura stands out when compared to other notable brands. For instance, Akrapovič, a well-regarded European brand, is recognized for its premium materials, particularly titanium and carbon fiber. While both brands share a commitment to quality, Yoshimura often offers a more diverse range of applications, covering various motorcycle models with tailored designs that balance performance and aesthetics.

Two Brothers Racing, another prominent competitor, emphasizes a distinct aggressive sound profile. Yoshimura, in comparison, strikes a balance between performance gains and a refined, distinctive tone, catering to riders who seek a harmonious blend of power and acoustics. The Italian brand Termignoni is celebrated for its racing heritage and precision craftsmanship, yet Yoshimura’s extensive experience in racing, particularly in the MotoAmerica and Supercross circuits, positions it as a competitive force in the industry, combining racing-inspired innovations with broader accessibility for enthusiasts.

While all these brands share the common goal of enhancing motorcycle performance and sound, Yoshimura’s reputation for a meticulous balance between engineering excellence, diverse applications, and a signature refined tone sets it apart in the competitive landscape of slip-on exhausts.

Performance Comparison

The specific performance gains can vary depending on the motorcycle model and the exhaust series, but Yoshimura consistently focuses on optimizing engine performance while maintaining reliability. Akrapovič exhausts also focus on performance improvements, typically emphasizing weight reduction, efficient exhaust gas flow, and improved engine response. Akrapovič exhausts may offer comparable or slightly higher performance gains, especially in terms of weight savings and power delivery, although the difference may not always be significant for the average rider.

Two Brothers Racing is known for its emphasis on aggressive sound profiles and performance improvements. The brand often targets a notable increase in horsepower and torque, creating an exhaust note that resonates with riders seeking a more audibly dynamic experience. Yoshimura, while also delivering enhanced performance, tends to focus on a more refined and balanced sound signature.

Ultimately, the choice between Yoshimura, Akrapovič, and Two Brothers Racing depends on individual preferences, riding style, and priorities. Riders seeking a combination of well-rounded performance gains, refined acoustics, and competitive pricing often find Yoshimura to be a compelling choice in the market. However, for those placing a premium on maximum performance gains and weight reduction, Akrapovič may be a preferred option. Two Brothers Racing caters to riders who prioritize a robust, aggressive sound along with performance improvements.

Price Comparison

Yoshimura slip-on exhausts typically fall within the range of $400 to $1,000 USD, depending on the material (stainless steel, titanium, or carbon fiber) and the specific model compatibility.

Akrapovič exhausts, known for their premium European craftsmanship, often come with a higher price tag, ranging from $600 to $2,000 USD or more, depending on materials and model compatibility.

Two Brothers Racing offers a mid-range pricing structure, with their slip-on exhausts generally ranging from $400 to $800 USD.

Again, these price ranges are general and approximate.


In conclusion, upgrading to a Yoshimura slip-on exhaust is a holistic enhancement for motorcycle enthusiasts. From improved performance to a captivating sound experience, Yoshimura delivers on multiple fronts. The installation process is accessible to beginners, and the brand’s commitment to sustainability adds another layer of appeal. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner, the Yoshimura slip-on exhaust is a worthwhile investment for an enhanced and enjoyable riding experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a slip-on exhaust differ from a full system?

A slip-on exhaust replaces only the muffler, offering a more straightforward installation compared to a full exhaust system, which replaces the entire system from the engine to the tail.

Is the installation of Yoshimura slip-on exhaust easy for beginners?

Yes, the installation process is designed to be beginner-friendly.

Can I use a Yoshimura slip-on exhaust on any motorcycle?

Yoshimura produces slip-on exhausts compatible with a wide range of motorcycle makes and models. However, it’s essential to check compatibility before making a purchase.

Are there different sound options available for Yoshimura slip-on exhaust?

Yes, Yoshimura often offers different sound profiles for their slip-on exhausts, allowing riders to choose a tone that suits their preferences.

What makes Yoshimura a trusted brand in the motorcycle industry?

Yoshimura has a long-standing reputation for delivering high-performance and quality products. Their exhaust systems are trusted by professional riders and enthusiasts alike.